Through digitalization, innovation and collaboration we create sustainable, cost-effective, convenient end-to-end solutions to increase safety, efficiency and capacity by:

Leveraging digital innovation

Combining the domain knowledge of all partners

Creating overarching synergies for global partners and clients

Optimizing infrastructure through interconnectivity, predictive maintenance, reduction of downtime and increased safety

Fostering strong institutional relationships to benefit all partners and stakeholders

A new Alliance is born

October 2021

DRS convened selected providers of highly innovative services and products to address the #1 priority of the rail infrastructure industry: increased safety, efficiency and capacity

Over two days, participants identified key issues to solve, created a shared vision and how to collaborate in form of a new alliance to drive digital, end-to-end solutions: the DRS Alliance

Nov 2021

May 2022

In a series of deep-dive meetings, details of the new alliance were shaped

May 2022

At IAF, the first phase of DRS Alliance launched with 15 core companies actively involved

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We are now working to expand the DRS Alliance to an innovation platform driving seamless next-generation railway infrastructure solutions


Phase two will focus on strengthening end-to-end solutions for critical railway infrastructure in Europe


Starting with phase three, the DRS Alliance aims to reshape the future of rail mobility across the globe

We offer an open innovation ecosystem to tailor your railway infrastructure solutions

Let’s shape the future of rail together!


Visit us at Innotrans 2024!

The DRS Alliance Booth we will showcase the services that allow for a comprehensive railway infrastructure solution. With alliance members that all have expertise in their areas of speciality in uptime and downtime management the 17 members support leading railway companies is modernising rail infrastructure. This not only increases the capacity of the railways on existing infrastructure, but also ensures the safety, sustainability and cost efficiency of the industry.

InnoTrans 2024 (24 - 27 September 2024)
Messe Berlin, Germany

New Alliance to Drive Digital End-to-End Rail Infrastructure Solutions

15 best-in-class companies launching novel Alliance at IAF Münster to increase the safety, efficiency and capacity of railway infrastructure globally

Leveraging digitalisation, innovation and collaboration to create complete, sustainable, cost-effective and convenient solutions

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