Smart Design - Revolutionary track renewal

BIM-based design without track closures for surveying

Combined product expertise
The DRS Alliance is redefining track renewal planning and design. The tight integration merged with the combined expertise empowers the next level of measurement campaigns and BIM integration leading to safer, faster, and seamless renewals. Together the expertise of the DRS Alliance covers everything related to renewals, designs, and redesigns – geometry measurement, analysis, digital modelling, and track layout design. With our advanced survey capabilities, the current state of tracks can be recorded with up to 100 km/h without any track closures or reference point network alignment. Based on the comprehensive surveys, a completely new track layout design in ProVI® including a detailed and easy to use BIM-model – the RailTwin – is provided by our DRS Alliance design experts.

Our Services:

  • High quality track geometry measurement, providing referenced track geometry (RTG®) and absolute track geometry (ATG®)
  • High precision kinematic recording of the rail line as a basis for modelling the digital twin
  • Measurement of ballast and subsoil condition with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • RailTwin – a high precision BIM-model of track layout and the complete infrastructure
  • Track renewal design and layout provided with ProVI®
  • SOG® - model of the construction process
  • BIM-planning as a basis for track construction tenders

Your Value:

  • Track geometry and kinematic recording speed up to 100 km/h
  • No need for track closures for measurement campaigns and recording of infrastructure
  • No track working personnel in danger zone for defects mapping
  • One strong partner covering all superstructure challenges
  • All data in one hand for tender process and infrastructure management
  • Informed decision-making through dependable data
  • Chose modules or outsource the whole track design process up to the provision of tender documents for construction.

The DRS Alliance supports you with the latest technologies from the market as well as identifying the contractors suitable for your region.