Smart Trackworks - Tools for effective and safe maintenance and renewal

Plan, schedule and quality-control your maintenance activities

Trackworks in a coordinated environment

With the SOG® software the DRS Alliance supports you in optimizing your trackwork planning and interacting with operational train schedules. A thorough quality control of the executed trackwork is guaranteed by connecting OTM’s with software solutions from the DRS Alliance. Selected machinery of the machine fleet is fully integrated with the SOG® software suite, which allows Live Positioning. With this service available, you can check the actual performance of your machine out in track and compare with the original schedule of your planned work site. You can then always do adjustments in your worksite planning which supports you to keep your schedule. Furthermore the ZKL technology of DualInventive guarantees quick and safe track access.

The DRS Alliance supports you with the latest technologies to allow quick and safe trackworks.

Our Services:

  • Railway timetable based trackworks planning software
  • Precisely clean the rail surface after trackworks to prevent initial rail defects
  • Plasser Smart Machines allow a controlled process loop to guarantee an optimal track quality control during trackworks

Your Value:

  • Accurately monitor the position of your construction machines in track in a Live View with SOG® SIV Live Tracking
  • Minimize your track downtime
  • High quality finish of your worksite
  • Perform thorough quality control of your trackworks

The DRS Alliance supports you with the latest technologies from the market as well as identifying the contractors suitable for your region.