BIM based track renewal planning

The mounted laser scanner on the track measurement car allows you to do even more. The collected kinematic recording of the track – a point cloud data together with the RTG® (Referenced Track Geometry) measurements allow you to deliver the basis for next generation track renewal planning. Together with the DRS Alliance partner OBERMEYER Infrastruktur GmbH & Co. KG, based on the data of the measurement runs you can create the RailTwin, a high precision BIM model of your track. The design data is provided and integrated in the ProVI Schiene software, which is “the” standard for track planning.
The recorded RailTwin can be the starting point of infrastructure works based on digitally collected, precise data: Digital Railway Infrastructure Information Management.

Plasser & Theurer | EM100VT – The future of track inspection starts today

BIM based track renewal planning has already been carried out at the Deutsche Bahn network on the High Speed Lines between Hannover and Würzburg and between Mannheim and Stuttgart as well as on other routes like the “Schwarzwaldbahn” (Black Forest Line).
Furthermore, the results of Digital Twins build upon data captured by the EM100VT have been used as a basis for large scale new construction BIM-Projects, for example in one planning section of the Karlsruhe-Basel project in Germany.

Obermeyer | ABS/NBS Karlsruhe–Basel – „Tunnel Offenburg“

The digital twin can also be the basis for the planning of the necessary construction work using SOG. The digital twin can be exported into SOG and processed further.
The combined design work in ProVI and SOG can be used as a basis for the tender process.